• What Would Have Happened, Mubarak?

    What would have happened, Mubarak?

    What would have happened, Mubarak, if you had invested in children? What would have happened, Mubarak, if you had employed your youth? What would have happened, if you were compassionate with your men? What would have happened, if you hadn’t cooperated with your enemies? What would have happened, if you hadn’t become greedy and forgotten your God? What would have happened, if for one day you thought about your grave? What would have happened, if you remembered your prophet? What would have happened, if you gave up your greed? What would have happened, if you hadn’t been stubborn? What would have happened, if you hadn’t listened to the voice of your devil? Today your people and your God would have glorified you, In history books and elsewhere, you would have been blessed.

    voice recording: February 4, 2011

  • The Gecko

    "Assalam Alaikum great people of Egypt, the people of hospitality ("kenana").  You have brought honour to the Arab world wih your achievements.  I used to hear of a hadith by the prophet PBUH ordering us to kill the "gecko".  And you know what a gecko is.  I used to think that this hadith was weak and that there was no truth to it, because I used to believe that the gecko was that small weak creature that attacked insects and climbed walls.  But I now I understand the meaning of gecko.  That "gecko" which the prophet PBUH referred to, represents those who climb over their people.  Their photographs hang on every wall, in every square and every street, even in people's homes. They are seen all the time, every moment.
    The gecko, as you know, shoots its tail at its predator so it can escape with its life. And this is what those "climbers" do.  Hosni Mubarak, clinging, gripping, climbing, throws the tail of his ministries at the Egyptian people in hopes of pleasing them. But no way! No way would the Egyptian people keep silent and accept Mubarak's plea.  Follow the hadith, for the hadith is correct, correct, correct.  Corrected it Abdel Karim Furjani from Lybia.  Thank you."
    voice recorded: February 2, 2011; translated by: Samiha Allouba
  • I’m the Son of the Nile

    "I dedicate this poem to the hero’s of Tahrir, I was chanting it years ago when I was at the Natrun prison camp where I was imprisoned in 1994. I was the youngest ideological prisoner in Egypt. I experienced the injustice and humiliation that no child has ever seen. I was resident in ten different prison camps, the ugliest jailers, the ugliest prison cells, the worst sorts of torture I’ve ever seen. But now, my wound is healing when I see the hero’s of liberation – Tahrir -, the healers of my wound, the wound that’s been bleeding all my life, the bleeding wound that I’ll take to my grave with it still bleeding. I’m the son of the Nile – listen to my reciting & hymns, Crying the ruins of our glory – with bitter tears deeply saddening me, what deep sorrow I have for our past times, I cry the wasted ages, I wonder if the past will come back for my singing and music, I’m the son of the Nile – longing for a sunrise to brighten me, Longing for a revolution by my brave people like a sweeping volcano, An altar calling upon me liberating our Egypt the holiest of holy, An altar stoning the followers of evil with burning fires, I’m the flood that is watching them, giving them a chance for a little while longer, I watch the tears of children, with overwhelming deep pain, And I count the bleeding drops into the vein of my veins, I’m the history that will not be merciful, sharpening my knife, The fires of injustice are scorching me, thus, will harvest them without remorse, Thank you, Abu Naseer El Sohaji" February 5, 2011; translated by "Alive in Egypt" http://alive.in
  • My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day

    “My love for you, Egypt increases by the day. And you know that Egypt. You know it Egypt. You know that I live and die for you.  Every day I love you more than the day before.  It ends here my dear country, so be happy and proud of your children and martyrs. We gave up comfort. I swear to you we gave up everything, just so we can hold onto you, dear country. So be filled with joy, because we are freeing you! And in no time you will become again the magnificent country you once were. Be happy, because the next regime that will rule you will be worthy of that responsibility, not the lowlife revolting system led by Mubarak and his dogs. I swear to God you will be free, and soon! Because, we are not leaving. I swear we are not leaving. We are not buying all this nonsense talk about negotiation. It is a charade played by two parts of the corrupt system. And this is not our conversation. We are not leaving before we cleanse Egypt from this corrupt regime. This regime must be wiped out completely.  Completely! Him and his followers who robbed this country.

    Mubarak alone stole 70 billion dollars!  The rest of the thieves have robbed the country of more than 3 trillion dollars! And those statistics were obtained by international organizations.  You see this Egypt? This is your money! They say you are poor, but this is your money.  And we promise that the national treasures of your land will return to its rightful owners, and all those corrupt people will be prosecuted.  We will be able to give you that, because none of us are backing down. Either we free you, or die trying to, so the next generation won’t have to wonder why gave up on their futures.  God forbid we break down, because if that happens Egypt will cease to exist for a long time.  But this hopefully won’t happen…over our dead bodies. There is no backing down, there is no turning back. We have sold our lives for you Egypt. Every single one of us.  From teachers to doctors to engineers, to technician and farmers. We will sacrifice everything for you, and we are not turning back until we finally give you the gift of freedom.  The fallen regime is our gift for you. So you will be able to prosecute the traitors in it as you see fit. No turning back, not without your freedom.”

    February 8, 2011; translated by "Alive in Egypt" http://alive.in


  • The Flag

    "Brothers, Hosni Mubarak has disconnected me from all forms of communication. I won't be able to contact you. Neither by telephone, nor Internet, nor messages. I am going to the Square, and I bid you farewell, because I don't know what could happen. Pray for me. Pray for me. I don't know if I will be returning or not. Please, keep the flag flying when I'm gone. Peace." voice recorded: January 31, 2011; translated by: "Alive in Egypt" http://alive.in