• I’m the Son of the Nile

    "I dedicate this poem to the hero’s of Tahrir, I was chanting it years ago when I was at the Natrun prison camp where I was imprisoned in 1994. I was the youngest ideological prisoner in Egypt. I experienced the injustice and humiliation that no child has ever seen. I was resident in ten different prison camps, the ugliest jailers, the ugliest prison cells, the worst sorts of torture I’ve ever seen. But now, my wound is healing when I see the hero’s of liberation – Tahrir -, the healers of my wound, the wound that’s been bleeding all my life, the bleeding wound that I’ll take to my grave with it still bleeding. I’m the son of the Nile – listen to my reciting & hymns, Crying the ruins of our glory – with bitter tears deeply saddening me, what deep sorrow I have for our past times, I cry the wasted ages, I wonder if the past will come back for my singing and music, I’m the son of the Nile – longing for a sunrise to brighten me, Longing for a revolution by my brave people like a sweeping volcano, An altar calling upon me liberating our Egypt the holiest of holy, An altar stoning the followers of evil with burning fires, I’m the flood that is watching them, giving them a chance for a little while longer, I watch the tears of children, with overwhelming deep pain, And I count the bleeding drops into the vein of my veins, I’m the history that will not be merciful, sharpening my knife, The fires of injustice are scorching me, thus, will harvest them without remorse, Thank you, Abu Naseer El Sohaji" February 5, 2011; translated by "Alive in Egypt" http://alive.in