• My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day

    “My love for you, Egypt increases by the day. And you know that Egypt. You know it Egypt. You know that I live and die for you.  Every day I love you more than the day before.  It ends here my dear country, so be happy and proud of your children and martyrs. We gave up comfort. I swear to you we gave up everything, just so we can hold onto you, dear country. So be filled with joy, because we are freeing you! And in no time you will become again the magnificent country you once were. Be happy, because the next regime that will rule you will be worthy of that responsibility, not the lowlife revolting system led by Mubarak and his dogs. I swear to God you will be free, and soon! Because, we are not leaving. I swear we are not leaving. We are not buying all this nonsense talk about negotiation. It is a charade played by two parts of the corrupt system. And this is not our conversation. We are not leaving before we cleanse Egypt from this corrupt regime. This regime must be wiped out completely.  Completely! Him and his followers who robbed this country.

    Mubarak alone stole 70 billion dollars!  The rest of the thieves have robbed the country of more than 3 trillion dollars! And those statistics were obtained by international organizations.  You see this Egypt? This is your money! They say you are poor, but this is your money.  And we promise that the national treasures of your land will return to its rightful owners, and all those corrupt people will be prosecuted.  We will be able to give you that, because none of us are backing down. Either we free you, or die trying to, so the next generation won’t have to wonder why gave up on their futures.  God forbid we break down, because if that happens Egypt will cease to exist for a long time.  But this hopefully won’t happen…over our dead bodies. There is no backing down, there is no turning back. We have sold our lives for you Egypt. Every single one of us.  From teachers to doctors to engineers, to technician and farmers. We will sacrifice everything for you, and we are not turning back until we finally give you the gift of freedom.  The fallen regime is our gift for you. So you will be able to prosecute the traitors in it as you see fit. No turning back, not without your freedom.”

    February 8, 2011; translated by "Alive in Egypt" http://alive.in