• The Gecko

    "Assalam Alaikum great people of Egypt, the people of hospitality ("kenana").  You have brought honour to the Arab world wih your achievements.  I used to hear of a hadith by the prophet PBUH ordering us to kill the "gecko".  And you know what a gecko is.  I used to think that this hadith was weak and that there was no truth to it, because I used to believe that the gecko was that small weak creature that attacked insects and climbed walls.  But I now I understand the meaning of gecko.  That "gecko" which the prophet PBUH referred to, represents those who climb over their people.  Their photographs hang on every wall, in every square and every street, even in people's homes. They are seen all the time, every moment.
    The gecko, as you know, shoots its tail at its predator so it can escape with its life. And this is what those "climbers" do.  Hosni Mubarak, clinging, gripping, climbing, throws the tail of his ministries at the Egyptian people in hopes of pleasing them. But no way! No way would the Egyptian people keep silent and accept Mubarak's plea.  Follow the hadith, for the hadith is correct, correct, correct.  Corrected it Abdel Karim Furjani from Lybia.  Thank you."
    voice recorded: February 2, 2011; translated by: Samiha Allouba